Training & guidance on psychosocial issues

Discover what WaaromOmdat can do for you in the field of psychosocial assistance. WaaromOmdat helps clients with ADHD, autism and more.

Our unique method


Help and support to clients or those involved to grow self-reliance, social skills and communication skills.

For whom?

For people with autism or ADHD and for people who are looking for support to deal with people with autism or ADHD.


To help people reduce tensions that may arise from psychological, social or emotional grounds. To help people reduce (behavioral) problems.

Counseling & Coaching

Counseling for psychosocial problems is critical to helping people understand and manage their symptoms more effectively and to ensure that they can lead happy and healthy lives. It also provides resources for improving one's social skills, coping strategies and self-reliance skills.


Training in psychosocial problems is important because it gives people the tools to deal effectively with stressful situations. They can help increase social skills, coping strategies and self-reliance skills.

About Gioi D'Innocenzo

Through training and guidance I can help clients develop self-reliance skills and social and communication skills. This allows the client to grow in his self-worth and self-esteem, which makes people achieve a more stable state of mind.

I have over 20 years of experience as a sociotherapist in psychiatry and I hope to use this experience to help people. My expertise is mainly autism, but I also have experience with other mental illnesses.