I help people with psychosocial problems

I help people deal with autism, ADHD or other psychosocial problems. People who suffer from this themselves, but also people who are involved, such as parents, friends or family. I do this through personal guidance, coaching and training.

Gioi D'Innocenzo


Through training and guidance I can help clients develop self-reliance skills and social and communication skills. 


Why because

WaaromOmdat specializes in guidance and coaching for people with autism or ADHD and the tensions that come with it.

I am here to help strengthen the client's self-reliance, communication and social skills. I can also help those involved by offering tools to deal with the behavior of the client in a positive way.


I offer guidance to clients in individual sessions. In these sessions we work together to strengthen relationships, improve communication skills and develop a positive self-image.


My specialty is to provide safe, effective self-reliance training, through which clients gain greater knowledge and skills in communication, social interactions and personal development.

What clients say about WaaromOmdat

"I have been struggling with autism for a very long time and because of this my social circle has become extremely small in recent years. I've been wanting to change this for a long time but couldn't get it done by myself. Until I came into contact with Gioi, he helps me enormously with re-establishing a circle of friends. In addition, he helps me with my daily struggles with autism and problems that arise from that. Without Gioi I would not have achieved nearly as much as I have in recent times and for that I will remain eternally grateful."


"I often struggle with myself and as a result I get less grip on things, such as my work, relationship, myself and the daily functioning. I get stuck, my emotions are no longer under control and I get further entangled in my depression. Gioi helps me by confronting me with this (in a good way) or by talking. He makes sure that through his treatment/talk and tools, which I can immediately apply, I regain control. Thanks to him I feel relieved and no longer such a pathetic heap. Because of him I can handle the world step by step again. I am very grateful to him for helping me."


About Gioi D'Innocenzo

Through training and guidance I can help clients develop self-reliance skills and social and communication skills. This allows the client to grow in his self-worth and self-esteem, which makes people achieve a more stable state of mind.

I have over 20 years of experience as a sociotherapist in psychiatry and I hope to use this experience to help people. My expertise is mainly autism, but I also have experience with other mental illnesses.